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What is Amazon Echo?

March 17, 2021

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Surely, by now, most people have at least heard of the Amazon Echo hands free smart speaker. But do you really know what you can accomplish with this smart speaker? It will blow your mind! It did mine!

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Amazon Echo is a hands free smart speaker that you control with your voice. It connects to your WiFi network and your Amazon account using the Amazon Alexa App on your iPhone or Android phone. Once connected to WiFi, you can use your voice to give it voice commands and it is activated with the word “Alexa”.

There are several variations of the Amazon Echo. There is also the smaller version called the Echo Dot. There are two speakers with video also built in called the Echo Show that looks like a small tablet and the Echo Spot which has a circular video screen. (Amazon Affiliate Links)

Once you have one set up, the fun begins. Here are a few things you can do with the Amazon Echo family of products:

  • Make voice calls with Echo and Echo Dot (import contacts into Alexa app)
  • Make video calls with Echo Show and Echo Spot (import contacts into Alexa app)
  • Use as an in-home intercom if you have multiple Echos
  • Order by voice from Amazon
  • Get a flash briefing from your favorite News site (load your favorite News site in the Alexa app)
  • Get sports updates from your favorite sports teams (load your favorite teams in the Alexa app)
  • Set reminders
  • Set multiple timers
  • Play music from services like Amazon Music, Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and Vevo (connect your streaming music account in the Alexa app)
  • Play music across multiple Echos in different rooms of the house
  • Control smart home gadgets like lights, locks, things plugged into smart plugs (requires extra hub unless Echo Plus)
  • Use as an alarm clock and wake to music
  • Use Alexa to make multiple to-do and shopping lists. Here is a video with examples for creating lists:
  • And about 70,000 other Alexa skills that can be added (Click this link for examples of Alexa Skills that can be added to your Amazon Echo –

If that is not enough to see the usefulness of an Amazon Echo device, they are also a lot of fun. Alexa is loaded with tons of fun Easter Eggs. These are programmed responses to all kinds of questions that you can ask Alexa. Some are just fun responses while others may be references to movies, songs, or other pop culture. Some simple ones are to ask Alexa to tell you a joke, or Where’s Waldo, or if she likes pizza, etc. Or you can ask about movie references like Alexa, who you gonna call? or Alexa, are you Skynet? For a whole list of possibilities, check out this post:

Click HERE to see a full listing of available Amazon Echo Products. (Amazon Affiliate Link)

What is your favorite Amazon Alexa skill to use with your Echo? Tell us in the comments below.

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What is Amazon Echo?

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