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iPhone Users Think Twice Before Installing iOS 12.1.3

January 27, 2019

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I had an email come up in my inbox today warning against installing iOS 12.1.3 on iPhones. The subject line said “Reasons NOT to upgrade to iOS 12.1.3.” I am firmly in the camp of waiting a few weeks after an update before installing it on my devices so bugs can be fixed, so I had not installed this one yet, but my sons have.

According to Forbes, the iOS 12.1.3 update is causing some iPhones to cut off the cellular data and if that is not bad enough, it is also causing WiFi issues as well. Apparently, the cellular issues began with the 12.1.2 update, but the recently released 12.1.3 update not only did not fix the cellular data issue but introduced the new problem with WiFi. For some, it is essentially turning the phones into bricks because they cannot even text or make a phone call, much less use data/WiFi to surf the web or use apps. For others, it is causing the phone to lag or freeze.

Apple originally thought the problem was contained to the new iPhone XR, XS and XS Max in Turkey, but it is now apparent that it could affect all models of iPhones and affects many other countries including the United States. It has become so bad that Sprint has issued an alert about the update.

What Can You Do?

So what can you do if you have already updated to iOS 12.1.3? Hopefully, you will be lucky like my two sons have been. They updated a couple of days ago and have not noticed any issues with cellular data or WiFi. According to The Inquisitr, one user found that if they turned on airplane mode and then turned it back off, their WiFi signal came back. So far the only thing I could find from Apple was to take your phone into the Apple Genius Bar in an Apple store if you are affected by this bug.

Have you updated to iOS 12.1.3 yet? If so, did it affect your cellular data or WiFi? Is your phone freezing, lagging, or just much slower? Let us know in the comments below.

Amanda - Tech Lovin' Mom

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