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Barkomatic – Personalized Resource for Parental Controls

March 31, 2019

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Kids and teens today use many different devices and apps in many different combinations. The sheer possibilities are really mind-boggling. Parents can feel overwhelmed trying to keep their children safe while using all these different kinds of technology.

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Let me introduce you to Bark and Bark-o-matic. Bark has created an online, interactive one-stop resource for parents. After answering some questions about your children’s devices and apps that they use, you will be provided with a guide to the parental controls across all those devices and apps. And what is even greater is that they have made it available for use by all parents (not just Bark subscribers) for free. The Bark team felt it was important to provide Bark-o-matic for free because they have a passion for helping parents keep their children safe while using online technology.

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Bark-o-matic Cell Phone Choices
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After launching Bark-o-matic, you begin answering questions about what devices and apps are used by your children. This gets pretty specific as it asks if they use Androids or iPhones. Once you pick the cell phone platform, it then asks for the specific phones used by your children.

Bark-o-matic Games Played
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From there, it also asks about the apps your children use, the email provider, and games that they play. After everything about the phone is covered, they are not done yet. Bark-o-matic also asks about computers, tablets and smart home devices that might be used by your children.

Bark-o-matic Resources
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At the end, it asks for an email address where the detailed parental control guide can be sent. This guide will contain detailed instructions for how to set up parental controls for every device, app and social media platform that is used. And Bark doesn’t stop there. They also provide plenty of resources for parents with best practices for keeping children safer online.

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I have been quite impressed with the Bark technology company as I have learned more about them and had the pleasure to meet some of the Bark team. I highly encourage you to do what you can to keep your child safe while they are using technology. Bark can be one of the tools in your parental control toolbox.

I highly recommend the Bark app. I have had it now for two weeks and it has been a lifesaver for me. Instead of me having to babysit my 15 year olds cell phone it does that for me by alerting me to any potential concerns. It will check text messages, any pictures that may be inappropriate, depression or Suicidal Thoughts, cyberbullying, profanity, emails, websites that are visited etc. It allowed me to have a trial first to make sure I liked it. I did have one problem and the customer service was outstanding and we scheduled a time on the phone for them to walk me through it. Everything works perfect! It then allows her some privacy so that I don’t have to check everything but yet I am notified if there is a concern. Well worth the $9 a month for that peace of mind.

~Bark Parent, Gina Geiger

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What parental controls do you use? Would you recommend them to others? Let us know in the comments.

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Bark-O-Matic Parental Control Resource

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